Deuce – Story Of A Snitch

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исполнитель Deuce

длительность 03:08

размер 3.01 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено Manus

Story Of A Snitch
На гудок
I guess we all change sometimes some for better, some for worse listen Chorus x2 Here's a story of a snitch that I knew so many years but now he's a bitch, fuck your feelin's you can suck my dick Verse: Look at all these fake ass MC's clamiin they rap tryn'a spit just like me but they don't have it faggot I was helpin you maggots now I'ma show the world that you wack bitch and do what you can't do cause it haunts you, dude you're just so coo and I'm not you boo hoo you're a fool tryn'a fit in my shoes, snoozin drunk pukin ya you're losin I took my whole fan base back I managed to get myself back up , back to rappin I manned up even though I was back stabbed right in the back by my bestfriend, bestfriend? ya right click boom good night some say there's two sides to the storie, more like two knives don't you worry when we're done they'll be burried [Chorus] x2 Verse: I created you from dirt and this is how you pay me back? joinin' lorene drive just for tits'n'ass. I created every verse every chorus and you just stood there thinkin' that you wrote it. I'm spider man bitch I spin my webs so quick around your heads I turn this whole god damn situation into one big mess till you're sittin at home tellin' your son you're stressed. I came to cock block n' talk shit so drop this, put it in your ipod jog n rock this, not this bitch again tellin' everyone that I'm sick in the head I aint sick bitch stick to your meds. You even tried to bite my shit with MEST but it fucked up your rep. the music you're lovin is the music you hate quit tellin people that I quit the band that I made [Chorus] x4 Bridge: God damn why you jock my shit? Singing: We are we are we are we are we are the only ones, we are the only ones left still we lead you on
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