Aaron – Beautiful scar

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исполнитель Aaron

длительность 02:53

размер 6.96 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Jannis15

Beautiful scar
На гудок
Into the streets of your mind I get lost once in a while crystal clear antagony your soul is not the right one for me baby doll you're a porn soul baby doll you're a porn soul sexy beast upon my chest dark angel sucked all the best this is a brainwashing process deep in my consciousness and homeless soul i'm your prom doll you made a few plans on your own meanwhile I danced alone even though we went too far you're my most beautiful scar and baby doll you're a porn soul homeless wall I’m your prom doll is it still worth fighting, is it still worth begging know how heaven looks like let’s try hell it might be right baby doll you're a porn soul homeless wall I'm your prom doll.
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