Late Night Alumni – Main Street

Late Night Alumni
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исполнитель Late Night Alumni

длительность 03:12

размер 7.71 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

Main Street
Self-assured with a cold heart. I was sure the words had failed us. So roundabout, I take the curtains down, sweep beneath chairs, the un-answered prayers. Now I'm haunted by a longing so early in the morning. It greets me without warning. Coincidence. I see you today, we small talk but time gets in the way, so I clip the clock's wings, we talk about smart things. Find myself smiling for the first time in days. Now I'm haunted by a longing, this afternoon on main street. You're smiling and oh, how apropos. I once had an ending but now I have the go. I laugh when you say "flowers say what they mean", cause roundabout, you say the funniest things. Now I'm haunted by a longing so late in the evening. It greets me with a warning.
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