Cliff Richard – Handle My Heart with Love

Cliff Richard
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исполнитель Cliff Richard

правообладатель Warner Music Group (Central (UK))

жанр Поп, Рок

длительность 04:24

размер 10.56 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

Handle My Heart with Love
Your sweet embrace, your hand in mine So close together How many times Ive made you mine Is this forever? Promises and dreams weve shared Do you remember? Oh, here we are, so near and yet so far From each other Chorus: Handle my heart with love Dont let me hope in vain Only your touch can save my heart From breaking again So handle my heart with love Stay and youll ease my pain Only your touch can save my heart From breaking again Your gentle smile, your tender touch So captivating No other love has meant this much And Ill go on waiting One day in your arms Ill hear This is forever I know its there, though right now its hard to care For each other Repeat chorus Dont make us part Please dont brake my heart again
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