Guru Groove Foundation – Tame

Guru Groove Foundation
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исполнитель Guru Groove Foundation

длительность 04:18

размер 10.34 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено ThePirate1990

One of us is made of mistakes I don’t believe in our hearts Wrong or right But I will not shut the door on my life Love has come in my home I like to catch your attention I like to call your name I want to take you in the third dimension I wanna make you tame The sky is hiding you from me But I’m ready to see Who is free for me I finally found your sweet embrace I mean your space It’s my safety place I looked for someone through the pain Who’s fine with beautiful eyes Who’s kind who’s mine I have an opportunity to aline my life This feeling inside I go mad without you I know this love divine Maybe I get the love I tried a thousand times Maybe I get the love Maybe I get the love Maybe I get the love I like to catch your attention
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