Mariah Carey – Close My Eyes

Mariah Carey
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исполнитель Mariah Carey

жанр Поп, R’n’B, Танцевальная

длительность 04:22

размер 10.47 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

Close My Eyes
I was a wayward child With the weight of the world That I held deep inside Life was a winding road And I learned many things Little ones shouldn't know Chorus: But I closed my eyes Steadied my feet on the ground Raised my head to the sky And though time's rolled by Still I feel like that child As I look at the moon Maybe I grew up A little too soon Funny how one can learn To grow numb to the madness And block it away I left the worst unsaid Let it all dissipate And I try to forget Chorus Nearing the edge Oblivious I almost Fell right over A part of me Will never be quite able To feel stable That woman-child falling inside Was on the verge of fading Thankfully I Woke up in time Guardian angel I Sail away on an ocean With you by my side Orange clouds roll by They burn into your image And you're still alive (You're always alive) Chorus Chorus (x2)
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