Mariah Carey – Twister

Mariah Carey
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исполнитель Mariah Carey

жанр R’n’B, Поп, Танцевальная

длительность 02:25

размер 5.82 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Rabotnik9182

На гудок
She was kind of fragile And she had a lot to grapple with But basically she kept It all inside Childlike and effervescent With a well of pain The depth of I could not imagine If I tried Never thought that I Would hear them say Twister went and threw it all away She was kind of magical Her laughter sent you casually Floating through a moment Of release Dear God, it's all so tragic And I'll never have the chance To feel the closure That I untimately need No, I never dreamed That there would come a time Twister'd go and leave it all behind Lord I pray she's found some peace And her soul's somewhere at ease Yeah I'm feeling kind of fragile And I've got a lot to handle But I guess this is my way Of saying goodbye
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