Virgin Black – Lamenting Kiss

Virgin Black
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исполнитель Virgin Black

длительность 05:25

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Lamenting Kiss
На гудок
A child was born in silence And winter rose to clothe itself With a voice of one who weeps I curse this memory You held the hand of hope With glory's wreath And deceiver's promise The vows your lips have sworn Tomorrow wear decay Stifled sobs Bow to cold laughter The breeze is speechless As the dust drinks the dew A child-like hope With fear betrothed Never ceases to kiss my feet This is my final lamenting kiss I have spun my last thread My dreams have broke My jewels are tarnished The wailings of the heart Are with the unborn Dreams of poetry It is cold within My knotted hand strikes A tuneless chord The noise of tongues In my darkened labyrinth Prophesies are withered To a face careworn Why have I forsaken you? The dove so long imprisoned Sour remembrance Of a day never born My retreating steps Are clothed in shadows Laden in black A man foresworn Heaven wept For the wounds that bled Tears more bitter than blood Vex my soul I am thrown on your mercies Yet my heart is still hardened Weep for me, my god, weep for me Sooth my grief Through my artless prayers My tears burden your aching soul I held hope's hand But let her forsake me May I be faithful to hold onto yours To my god of darkness my sombre romantic
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