Luther Vandross – Never Too Much

Luther Vandross
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исполнитель Luther Vandross

жанр Саундтреки

длительность 03:51

размер 9.27 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

Never Too Much
I can't fool myself I don't want nobody else to ever love me, You are my shining star my guiding light my love fantasy, theres not a minute hour day or night that I don't love you, youre like the top of my last cause im always thinking of you, I still remember at the days when I was scared to touch you, How asking my day dreaming, planning how to say I love you, You must have knowen that I had feeling deep enough to swim in, but then you opened up your heart & you told me to come in, Chorus; All my love, A thousend kisses from you is now far too much, I just don't wanna stop all my love, a million days in your arms is now far too much, I just don't wanna stop (never too much X4) ------- Woke up today looked at your picture just to get me started, I called you up but you were'nt there & I was broken hearted, Hung up the phone came in too late the boss is so demanding, open the door up & to my surprise there you were standing, who need's to go to work to hussle for another dollar? i'd rather be with you cause you make my heart screaming harder, love is a gammble & i'm so glad that I am winning, We've come a long way ain't this only the beginning. [Chorus]
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