DevilDriver – You Make Me Sick

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исполнитель DevilDriver

длительность 05:18

размер 12.75 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

You Make Me Sick
I...pass them by 'Til all their pain subsides As the lamb Lays by your side The last season is upon Tough to deal with a real hard case Make no mistake No bones about it Never fit in but I've found my place. Going in dirty as pigs... Sacred secrets of the sorrow-bound Going in dirty as pigs... Watching as it comes unwound You make me sick Irreverent and full of wants Shaking at the foundation Gone again but not gone for good Living is sedation Think so little of yourself To think of no one else Hope not one tells Make no mistake No bones about it never fit in but I've found my place with everything you do, with everything you are Everything you say, you take it too far You make me sick, you make me sick This sour taste remains This sour taste remains Disdain, disdain, disdain Sick Your actions speak louder than words All I do is throw the curse I'll burn it down before it turns black There's no solution so I'm on the attack.
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