T.I. – Let Me Tell You Something

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исполнитель T.I.

правообладатель Warner Music Group Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group (Atlantic Recording Corp.), Warner Music Group (Atlantic Recording Corp.)

жанр Поп, R’n’B, Рэп

длительность 03:40

размер 8.82 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено server__92

Let Me Tell You Something
На гудок
[Intro] (T.I.) Want to be your man, please...tell you why (I know what y'all thinking) Doop doop doop doop doop doop (First he can't be my man, now he want to be my man) (I wish this nigga make his mind up) Can't live my life...tell you why (All my niggaz man we gonna have be 21 bout this shit you know) Oh baby, oh baby (We gonna step out the track for one sec, one sec) [Verse 1] Now what I got to say, seal with a kiss Know I can't be your man why I feel like this What I need with a woman when I live like this Different chicks running in and out the crib like this Maybe five, maybe six, seven, eight'll be enough Plus the twins make ten but for you I give it up Set times to the side just for us to live it up Walking out a rav farm, purple label linen ??? It's hard for me to discuss what I had vision for us Lots of trust, and a crib worth a couple million plus So what if I got a pass, labelled a dirt bag By the minute, hearts I broken and women I hurt bad Might I add Christian Dior and fur jackets A part of the pack, but still far from a marriage It's easy to lose balance when hearts just start carin With the attractions apparent, its hard to stop starin [Hook] Hey baby let me tell you sumthin, come here I need to tell you sumthin (Tell you why) Hey shorty let me tell you sumthin, wanna talk need to tell you sumthin (doop doop doop doop doop doop doop) Lil mama let me tell you sumthin, I wanna tell you sumthin (Cant live my life...without you) Hey baby let me tell you sumthin, Shorty I've been meanin to tell you sumthin (Oh baby, oh baby) [Verse 2] If I can get a little bit of your time, shorty I got some shit I want to get out my mind, and I know You get enough of niggaz hollerin ya fine (hey ask...ask ya friend man, man I got this) Introductions seem to bug you, them partnas of mine My bad, I know you think I'm probably lyin Then imma stop to conversate, relates all of ya time...man Look, but half of that shit is all in ya mind Say you should follow your heart and I'm follow my mind But anyway, when I see yo' face Im thinking three or four days in Montego Bay At the Half Moon, but I know she gon' say I already have too many hoes, I know But if I had you, all the dough I'd blow On eleven karat pink stones trillion row I wanna be the reason why you showing ya teeth Without a worry in the world when you rollig with me [Hook] {*Roger Troutman's - I Want To Be Your Man plays*}
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