Dire Straits – Two young lovers

Dire Straits
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исполнитель Dire Straits

длительность 04:49

размер 6.94 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

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Two young lovers
На гудок
It was the last day of summer It was the first of a new romance He walked into her on the corner She said, i dont dance He said, baby let me teach you She said, o.k., when? He said, how can I reach you baby Id really like to see you again He picked her up on a friday night He took her for a bite to eat His heart was beating and his hands were shaking She thought he was sweet And he stood on her shoes on the dance floor Well, they were doing it cheek to cheek And he walked her home and he kissed her He was walking on air all week Well, they couldnt stand to be apart They couldnt leave one another alone Her mama used to say, its getting late sweetheart Its time that boy went home And upstairs papa kissed mama And she gave him a sweet caress He said, heres to the two young lovers Lets wish em every happiness It was the last day of summer They came walking home hand in hand They went and told her mama They showed her the wedding band Mama cried and poured the wine Papa just said God bless Now, heres to the two young lovers Lets wish em every happiness
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