Mnemic – Ghost

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исполнитель Mnemic

правообладатель ООО "Союз Мьюзик", Warner Music Group (East West Records Germany)

длительность 05:35

размер 8.05 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено vdemon

На гудок
I made you and your hate to socialize in a matter that suits me fine. So while I breathe in you punched my teeth in. I tried to explain it but you just, you just donжЉ° see. I, I see right through you. So you do things, mainly bad things. Is it to satisfy your own neurotic needs. I got this feeling IжЉ¦ just dreaming but just make sure IжЉ¦ awake when you punish me. Come follow me to that place where we both see what happened to you. I need to see if itжЉЇ all true. Confide in me. I was blind but now... I see right through all that you do, but though I see you I know youжЉ®e not here with me and still I try to explain to you. How your presence is affecting my state of mind. CHOR. Oh suck me in, inside myself I want to, taste myself It drags me down, your dismal past And all you want, is to make that last C) DonжЉ° want this, its true what they say Ignorance is bliss, IжЉЈl find another way In my mind, itжЉЇ all good now I donжЉ° do things, thatжЉЇ abnormal TheyжЉЈl take me and put me away. Listen to me when I tell you IжЉ¦ not insane I, I see right through you
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