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Scott Grimes – Back Into You

Scott Grimes
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исполнитель Scott Grimes

длительность 04:09

размер 3.79 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено giuliaBy

Back Into You
Standing here the lights are low And now it seems that I must go Tomorrow came and left again And now I know that I can’t win But I’d do it again Yeah, I’d do it again For all we do to make each other old We’re fighting what we know is true Alone in the dark Calling your name I can see you doin' the same Why did we wait eleven years long Everyone stays, then everyone’s gone Now it’s just me and you Watching me fall back into you again Another day, another home If I’m happy now I would not know If you’ve got some spare time to let me in Gimme my name so I can love again And now all we do is make each other old Fighting what we know is true Repeat chorus For so long we waited And time has left us jaded Too long so many secrets and lies No we’re not together So bound are we forever I’ll always see your look in her eyes Who will be my savior this time Don’t wanna tell her goodbye Just wanna hold her and cry Now it’s just me and you Watching me fall back into you again
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