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Cub Country – Hit The Roof

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исполнитель Cub Country

жанр Альтернатива

длительность 05:18

размер 12.17 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено id50209767

Hit The Roof
There was a time when you were mine I thought you were mine, there was a time We would go on, out in the sunshine We talk on for hours, and forget the time The stars always shone, over our bed at night And made you look just right, every night We wished for things, and swore theyd come true We made some plans to follow through Me and you When i looked to you i knew i love you And i was so sure about it, when i looked to you Time brought on tears, you went away Through all my fears, i thought i could stay We wished for things, that never came true We made some plans, that fell through On me and you Autumn leaves blow around me I see your ghost, pass from tree to tree Theres noone here with me Now i walk alone, on such a perfect day I think of a time, and smile on your face Cause i thought i knew, so much about you And you knew me so well too We wished for things i thought we could do Now i want to know you love me anyway Yea i want to know you love me anyway
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