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Offbeat Orchestra and Sunstroke Project – Epic Sax

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исполнитель Offbeat Orchestra and Sunstroke Project

длительность 03:27

размер 5.42 MB

битрейт 218 kbps

загружено eva_haski

I canТt stop I donТt want to give it up I can feel it in my heart I can feel it in my blood Faith in music CanТt stop sheТs the engine in my life SheТs the air of my mind DonТt have wings but I can fly Faith in music DonТt lose faith in music. Never stop I can feel it in your heart I can feel it in your blood The music fills my soul Like rain drops fill the river Like a bird songs in the world It will be in your receiver. The music in my mind When IТm happy and when I cry And I am not alone Even when my love is gone The music is my drug She makes my life go rock! She is sad as well as cheerful Ц Like sound of epic sax!!!! Melody is the soul of music Rhythm is the mind Epic sax is a part of fusion Which supplements your life Love music the same as music loves you
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