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Field Music – A New Town

Field Music
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исполнитель Field Music

длительность 03:58

размер 5.88 MB

битрейт 206 kbps

загружено Kenig68

A New Town
I’m opting out Of a happy trap I know it’s tough to wrap it up But we have to face the facts Let’s go away a while This place is just a worry I’ll help you remember why You should appreciate me Oh, how can you say I don’t listen well I’m listening to everything Oh, and I don’t believe that you can give me up So tell me you’re pretending We can keep it up A new town is good for us Why give up when we care so much When you’re the only one I could ever trust I’m stretched like a nylon wire Panic in my body No hatred, no desire Just a layer of drapery Oh, I couldn’t doubt that you gave enough And you shouldn’t doubt my honesty But you’re a fool to think that it’s me who’s stuck And only you can handle everything We can keep it up A new town is not enough You’re a tie that I have to cut You’re a crutch that I’m giving up
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