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William Control – The Posthumous Letter

William Control
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исполнитель William Control

длительность 04:04

размер 6.50 MB

битрейт 223 kbps

загружено vickunia

The Posthumous Letter
Would you ever walk with me on the surface of the violet sun, Would you give me air to breathe and show that I’m the worlds worst prodical son, This posthumous letter I’ve written to give you the strength to move on. Don’t cry for me any longer I’m lost. All that I am, All that I’ve seen, Take me out of nothing. Would you ever see the beast I’ve become silently holding me tongue, Oh I have been here all along, This post human life, this post morbid fear and this lonely suits me well. Don’t cry for me any longer. I just don’t love you, I just don’t love you.
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