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Kim Janssen – Holmes' Bonfire, 1666

Kim Janssen
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исполнитель Kim Janssen

длительность 02:41

размер 3.69 MB

битрейт 191 kbps

загружено Тера

Holmes' Bonfire, 1666
Berthed in the night, between the Mudflats in the north for the passing of a storm Asleep in the hull far beneath Safer than the belly of a beast When the winds had changed so they Couldn’t move, they had just drifted South, only floating wrecks full of dead There was none to worry now with The shallows and tide and shifting of the shoals We were quiet like a sleepy town Holding our breath, hoping that the storm would pass We were so afraid, we hadn’t dared Take back the seamarks they had just Followed them, like a lighthouse in the dark Our armed merchantmen fled The brave ones tried to man the ships But they were so fast. I could see The flames and panic spread, more Than a hundred ships, all the men burned
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