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K-Solo – Household Maid

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исполнитель K-Solo

правообладатель Warner Music Group Rhino Atlantic

жанр Рэп

длительность 00:30

размер 8.48 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

Household Maid
Yo, Red You know what I’m sayin? We ain’t tell a story about all these girls we used to bang when we was young Brothers see, they don’t believe us So ehm — I guess I’ll start tellin… A story when I was young When I first got pussy Check it out It was in '77, well at least I think so Way before the people knew me as K-S-o-l-o We moved from Queens to Long Island and my moms had it made But mom was workin two jobs, she said, «Son, I want me a maid» We went to this agency that was on Broadway So mom could fill out the papers and see about a maid When we got there we seen a man who sat behind a desk He said, «I'm sorry, miss, but ain’t too many good maids left But I’ll show you some pictures of all the maids we got here» I looked and seen this maid who looked like Pam Grier I said, «Hey mom, let’s get that maid, ooh, she looks like my teacher» Mom said, «Okay» and asked the man, «Can we meet her?» He pressed a button, said a name, she was there in a flash Mom signed some papers, gave her money, and everything was done fast On the way home I could look and see she looked young And by the way she had me laughin, ooh, I knew she was fun But somethin was wrong, I couldn’t figure it out Till one day me and the maid were alone in my house I was in my room readin a book She came inside my room naked and told me, «Kevin, take a look» ]From her feet to her body, I stared at shock As I stared at her breast and her hairy provoc' She had a real bad body, I was put in a trance But snapped out of that trance when she unzipped my pants She wrapped her legs around me, she began to tease me Whispered in my ear, «Do you think you can please me?» I said, «Yes», I couldn’t fess And then the maid grabbed my young hand and put it on her grown chest She started seducin me, right there on the floor She said, «The better you get, you’ll get more and more» Juices started movin fast, and she started goin «I'm comin, I’m comin», I said, «Stop, where are you goin?» She paid me no mind, I guess she knew I was young I guess she said «It's for kids», but I was havin my fun As she went up and down, and side to side To make me slippery and wet as I went inside The maid moaned and groaned, moved my hips Blew in my ear, in my face and went and tongue-licked my lips I was only 11 and in the 6th grade No one believed that I made love to the household maid No one believed that I made love to the household maid You know what I’m sayin, Red? No one believed that I made love to the household maid Yo, yo, yo Pee, man, what’s up Redman don’t believe me, man Check the next verse out Check out the next verse No one believed that I made love to the maid… It happened again when I came from the park Mom was workin late and the house looked dark There was a note at the door, 'Son, dinner’s in the oven' Steak and potatos with blueberry muffins But before I could get any food in my jaws I seen a bra and a woman’s panties on the living room floor Where could she be, cause this I’m sure, mom could never see The maid was in the room, butt naked cleanin the room for me She grabbed my comic book, put it on her behind Opened it up and said, «Hey, read between the line» I love to read about the Incredlible Hulk But when the maid grabbed me, she invaded the incredible bulk On the floor by the AFX track, sweat comin from the back Moms workin, we don’t when she’ll come back, black I''m only 11 and in the 6th grade No one believed that I made love to the household maid Break it down, Solo Gettin busy for 1992, you know what I’m sayin? Mad true stories Nobody believe me, you know what I’m sayin? Yo, PMD, man Brothers be goin out, man, on the strenght, man Lyin about butt, man You know what I’m sayin? Yo, Redman, on the strenght… Peace
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