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Iiris – Unicorn

На музыкальном портале Зайцев.нет Вы можете бесплатно слушать онлайн песню «Unicorn» (Iiris) в формате mp3.

исполнитель Iiris

правообладатель Universal Music Group Virgin

длительность 05:03

размер 7.86 MB

битрейт 217 kbps

загружено Тера

As the shadows of the day Grew too long I could see that mine was missing It was gone And the part of me That kept happiness Grew so panicked That I could not let it rest All that I could hear was «Hello back We’ll take you among us But the seeds of mercy Will travel no more» They’ll travel no more So I went into the dark shadow realm All the shadows playing Right beneath my eyes And I searched for the face I knew oh so well (It was out of sight) Until I stumbled On it’s eyes of red and white All that I could hear was… «Hello back We’ll take you among us But the seeds of mercy Will travel no more» So I looked at him and I asked him why «Why did you have to leave me in half?» And he answered me With a cold, low voice of my own «It was you who drove me to grow apart» As blank knowledge Sank deep beneath my skin I knew that the truth Was breathing in him And I realized, that of course I wasn’t a Unicorn I was just a mere horse We infused into each other The shadows in me burned as I learned «Great, great battles are ahead» He said And we returned…
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