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Vanilla Ninja – Outcast

Vanilla Ninja
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исполнитель Vanilla Ninja

длительность 04:00

размер 5.42 MB

битрейт 189 kbps

загружено Piretninja

I just couldn't connect there Felt left out, I was scared Totally unplugged from all things around me So I sat down on moon And wached the Earth move Even thought I tried so hard, I still Couldn't reach out there... At times the world Is moving on way too fast Stop for a while To realize what's happening Every time I feel I'm back on the track I'm burning my fingers again At times I know that I'm Too lost and confused Just wanna find A place I can call mine I wanna feel that I'm not an alien Outcast of society Guess I spent almost ten days Floating in outer space Wishing that there was someone who'd Encourage me Thought 'bout reincarnation Wondered what is it like there Will it be a bit better for someone like Me in next life...
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