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Selena – Is It The Beat! (Juan Magan Remix)

На музыкальном портале Зайцев.нет Вы можете бесплатно слушать онлайн песню «Is It The Beat! (Juan Magan Remix)» (Selena) в формате mp3.

исполнитель Selena

правообладатель Universal Music Group Capitol Latin

длительность 03:26

размер 4.84 MB

битрейт 196 kbps

загружено feya97

Is It The Beat! (Juan Magan Remix)
I know you've taken my lead Am I so easy to read? My eyes must be speaking your name My touch must burn like a flame I believe that love doesn't come when you plan Here I am, caught up in these feelings I don't understand Is it the beat or the beat of your heart? Is it the music, is it body talk? How did you move me and when did it start Is it the beat or the beat of your heart? Night falls and I seem to change Near you, I'm acting so strange I know we've only just met But dreaming has gone to my head You and I see nobody else in the place Let your smile answer this question You read on my face Sabes que te quiero y sin ti me desespero Eres tu mi todo, y yo sin ti me muero Eres mi alegria en cada despertar Y quiero a tu lado, yo poder estar (Translation: You know that I love you and without you I'm desperate You are my everything, and I'd die without you You're my happiness every time I wake up And I want to be by your side)
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