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K-Solo – Everybody Knows Me

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исполнитель K-Solo

правообладатель Warner Music Group Rhino Atlantic

жанр Поп

длительность 00:30

размер 13.10 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

Everybody Knows Me
When I first started, making records They said I’d never do it I knew I could, but me, I had to prove it to myself So as I grab the mic on the shelf I got some help from P and E, and Solo went for sell Now it starts, so many rappers scream my name out loud Suckers used to diss me, oh how they love me now I used to want to cry, they used to diss me like Friends, girls, even some family members Would say I would never get off the ground Now they tell the world my name as I hear my jam Spellbound Some yell, «Oh, did you hear the new Solo’s? New record was playing on the radio rap show?» Some that know me, say «Nah, it can’t be so» For the record Kevin Madison, is K-Solo I worked hard for so long, but people used to tell me «No one wants to hear your song», though I spoke And wrote, until I couldn’t anymore Kept rappin' and rhymin' til' my voice got soft Then it happened, one day I finally seen I got paid Entertainin' large crowds with the mic on stage But what bugs me out about suckers who used to diss me 'Cause now I’m makin' records, and everybody knows me Now everybody knows me Now everybody knows me When I went to school, you know I played it cool I never played sports and I was no teacher’s fool I like this girl a lot 'cause I thought she had charm But she told me one day, I couldn’t take her to the prom Her moms and dads said I wasn’t her daughter’s type It really hurt my feelings black, and got me uptight Said to myself, why are they treatin' me this way? Then I got fed up, and Solo said one day I’ll make it with my music, you’ll wait and you’ll see You’ll be in line, with tickets, waitin' to see me Preform, all night long as I go through Song after song after song til' you see that I’m gone You tell your friends now, K’s big now You like the way you’re rappin', entertain the crowd And you were impressed by the way that I dressed and all Glitter on my fingers, and chains on my neck Get off me, girls stop ridin' me In other words, don’t even flip and talk about me You didn’t do it then, so why do it now? See you yellin' my name, when you see my rock the crowd And be the girl that gotta get this, pointed at the door By the bodygaurd, the door where we exit I can’t be with it, I ain’t stupid, I had one girlfriend before But now my best friend is cupid I ain’t goin' for it, so stop callin' me, honey And tell my so-called friends I ain’t got no money It’s tied up, some are locked in a bend Yo Key, where is everybody goin'? Thanks For lettin' me know that you’re those kind of friends Who want to hang on when I’m fat, but when I was thin You weren’t around, nowhere to be round You were with your other crew and posse On the other side of town Now you flip and want an autograph from me, see You used to diss me, now everybody knows me Now everybody knows me Now everybody knows me When I was just a young kid, and I wanted to rap I got down with this group, who got put on the map For bein' I was so young, and they were so old They used to say that I was crazy and a little bit too bold But I always listened to the group I thank for gettin' down I even got my man named Jerry J and put him down But they were jealous, they didn’t want me to be the star They kicked me out the group, and named the group They would cheese me all the time and say «Solo» «Did you hear our record without you on the radio?» I was hurt, what could I say or do, when my best friend Jerry J betrayed me and stayed with the group My mom said «Son, you’ll make it and you’ll see They’ll get nowehere fast, 'cause god don’t like ug-uly» I prayed, and kept my fate crossed And heard Tommy Boy, had cut this group off I wasn’t happy to hear that, but that goes to show It happened to them, because they probably dissed Solo And if they’re listenin' to somewhere around me Fellas, y’all used to diss me, now everybody knows me There was another in the group besides me He left, his name was Parrish, from EPMD Some got pissed 'cause Parrish got paid And his records went gold in like 30 days But I wasn’t jealous, and I was still gettin' down His path crossed mine, and Pete put me down And now I’m makin' records, I mean G’s See? Everybody knows me Now everybody knows me Now everybody knows me Now everybody knows me Albee in effect, word up To the posse and EPMD My money’s all tied up, now ev- now everbody knows me My money’s all tied up, now ev- now everbody knows me «Yo Solo man, where you goin', man? You’re Solo! What’s up man?» Yo, get outta my face, man, or i’ll punch you in the artery It’s like that «Aw, it’s out!» My, my, my-my-my-my-my money’s all tied up, everybody knows me My-my-my money’s all tied up, everybody knows me My money’s all tied up, everybody knows me Everybody knows me «Nobody knew you before» Get the mack all mazed, word up Everybody knows me
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