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Jersey Boys - Full Company – The Early Years: Scrapbook

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исполнитель Jersey Boys - Full Company

правообладатель Warner Music Group Rhino

жанр Рок

длительность 00:30

размер 18.65 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

The Early Years: Scrapbook
Ah, hut hut Ah, hut hut (Spoken) That’s our song. «Oh What A Night». «Ces soirées-là». French. Number one in Paris, 2000. How’d that happen? You ask four guys, you get four different versions. But this is where all of them start — Belleville, New Jersey. A thousand years ago. Eisenhower, Rocky Marciano, and a few guys under a street lamp singing somebody else’s latest hit. (Sung) Lost control and rang your bell I was sore Let me in or else I’ll beat Down your door When two strangers who had been Two silhouettes on the shade Said to my shock, «You're on the wrong block.» Silhouettes (silhouettes) Silhouettes (silhouettes) Silhouettes (silhouettes) Wa-oh-oh-oh Silhouettes (silhouettes) Silhouettes (silhouettes) Silhouettes (silhouettes) Wa-oh-oh-oh Darlin', my darlin', my darlin', my darlin', darlin' Darlin', my darlin', my darlin', my darlin', darlin' (Spoken) Our brass ring turns out to be a kid who sings like an angel. He hangs around the clubs. So I set up a little surprise for him. (Sung) You’re the apple of my eye! (Spoken) Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! We’re the Variety Trio! Three, four-! And now, a new discovery of mine; little Frankie Castelluccio! Two, three, four! (Sung) I can’t give you anything but love Baby That’s the only thing I’ve plently of Baby Dream awhile scheme awhile We’re sure to find Happiness And I guess All those things you’ve alway pined for Gee, I’d like to see you looking swell Baby (Spoken) Groups are growing on trees, but this kid could do it for us. Sure, he’s green, but that’s where I come in. I take this raw clay and I make like Michaelangelo. I got a few years on him, so I’ve got a lot to teach him. It’s like my mission. «Listen, Frankie, Tuesday night me and my brother Nick are going to knock over Fixer’s Jewelry Store over on Frenchtown Road. Around midnight. You in, or what?» «I dunno, my dad wants me home by eleven.» «Tell him we’re rehearsing. I figure your cut’ll be a hundred and fifty. Maybe two.» He’s a good kid. He just needs a little, you know, guidance. «That jog your memory?» «Frankie, you’re driving Tommy’s car, you’ve got no license — it’s one block from where they hit Fixer’s!» «We got Tommy and his brother. They already gave you up, numbnuts.» «I dunno what you’re talking about.» «Have it your way.» «How old are you?» «Sixteen, your honour.» «I'm letting you off with a warning. I suggest you get yourself a new set of friends. Now get out of here.» «Frankie — sing good.» «Kid's a singer?» «A good singer. And getting better.» «Then he ought to be great by the time you get out. Six months.» (Sung) Oh, earth angel Earth angel The one I adore Love you forever And ever more (Spoken) «Nicky, for God’s sakes! What are we doing in church? I thought we were going to the movies!» «Relax, will ya? The kid’s ready to play a big room!» (Sung) I want a-- Sunday kind of love A love to last past Saturday night I’m glad to know It’s more than love at first sight I want a Sunday kind of love I do my Sunday dreaming And all my Sunday scheming Every minute Every hour Every day I’m hoping to discover A certain kind of lover (Spoken) «So that’s your real name? Valli?» «Nah — Castelluccio. Francis Castelluccio.» «Kinda long for a marquee.» «That's why I changed it. Vally. V-A-L-L-Y.» «No, V-A-L-L-I!» «How come?» «Because you’re Italian! You’ve gotta end in a vowel. Delgad-O, Castellucci-O, pizz-A. Vall-I. With an I. It says, 'This is who I am. You don’t like it? You can go fuck yourself.'» «Hey, Frankie — sing 'My Mother’s Eyes'.» «Gee, Mr. DeCarlo. I haven’t done that song since I was fifteen.» «Frankie, let me explain how this works. You do a favor for me — one day, I’ll do a favor for you.» «Sure, Mr. DeCarlo.» (Sung) One bright and guiding light That tought me wrong from right I found in my mother’s eyes Just like a wandering sparrow One lonely soul I walk the straight and narrow To reach my goal (Spoken) «So it’s me, Nick, and Frankie, and it’s up to me to keep us out of the gutter. But nobody’s hiring trios anymore. Quartets are in. So, I’m looking for a fourth guy so we can get some work.» «Tommy! I got your fourth guy! You’re gonna thank me for this — he’s a genius!» «What's his name?» «Gaudio. Bob Gaudio. He’s a kid, but he plays like a madman. And he writes songs!» (Sung) Who wear short shorts? (We wear short shorts) They’re such short shorts (We like short shorts) Who wears short shorts? (We wear short shorts) (Spoken) «Bobby! Bobby! Hey, listen! The Three Lovers — they got this kid singer — he’s like, forget about it! And they’re dying to meet you!» «Why?» «Because I told them you’re a fucking genius!» (Sung) There I go, there I go There I go, there I go Pretty baby you are the soul that snaps my control Such a funny that but everytime I’m near you I never can behave You give me a smile and then I’m wrapped up in your magic (Spoken) «I dropped out of high school to tour with Short Shorts. I shared a bus with Chuck Berry, Sam Cooke, the Everly Brothers, Jackie Wilson. but I never heard a voice like Frankie Valli’s. After eight bars, I know I need to write for this voice." (Sung) Brightest stars that shine up above you In the clear blue skies How I worry 'bout you Just can’t live my life without you Baby come here Don’t have no fear Is there a wonder why I’m really feeling In the mood for love (Spoken) «Nick Massi, Frankie Vallie; Bob- what is it?» «Gaudio. Hi.» «Hi.» «Somebody said you write.» «Yeah, yeah, yeah, I told you! Can we just borrow the piano for a minute? Go ahead, Bobby. Play the new one!»
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