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Shoreline Mafia, Rob Vicious – Vicious

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исполнитель Shoreline Mafia, Rob Vicious

правообладатель Atlantic Records

жанр Рэп

длительность 00:30

размер 7.11 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

Got money change your timezone To different countries, different states All I know is getting K’s, catching plays I’m making shade, oh damn How much money did I make today? Baller real hard no fade away I can teach you 'bout my player ways Go back in my robbing days No robbing cheese, my dick is creased If it ain’t money ain’t shit to me Talk shit to me, you history Back in the day I had shit to eat Why the fuck yo' girl keep hitting me? I think she only looking for some real dick to eat If she call up little Robbie I’ma hit it to sleep Twenty racks I’ma get it this week What? I like my money lean like I like my drinks Shorty turn into a freak when we in them sheets Better leave black sheets if you in this beef Tec twenty-one with a Glock twenty three Still thinking 'bout coping that M16 I be geeking on a lotta M6 sixteen Gonna try six rings, what the fuck that mean? Urgh Ay, you been calling all this time Ay, I act like I can’t find my phone You be on that stupid shit And right is right and wrong is wrong Yeah you right a song’s a song But diss me boy You dead and gone He gon' have one fucked up funeral nigga That boy head is gone Why do they call you Rob Vicious? Shit already know it’s from shooting And kicking it dawg In 48 hours I was kitsch for chicken I really did slip on kitchen floors Now my stack do not bend Got louder than myths I’m in the highs and the lows I mixed the molly with po The h=Henny with pack Soil ya' nigga be gone I put the gang on your bitch To go buck with your hoe Homies that switch I don’t trust no more Tell the niggas I don’t give a fuck no more Got my own bitch, I don’t wanna fuck your hoe I ain’t flexin' on my X, I don’t know your hoes Whole powder here bitch, need to blow your nose Watch niggas get high, had no control Ay, ay, ay Either she sick as a dog or she high off the blow The hoe get out ya' nose Knew I was doing it big when It got to the point I’m not touching the dough If she can’t do it for Vicious She cares, on my granny, it’s fuck that hoe I told y’all niggas don’t trust that hoe I told y’all niggas I don’t give no fucks no more Smoking on gas that’s straight drop though Lil' bitch can’t hit my dough, no From a section that ain’t got no hold This shit fuckin' up my mojo Hell nah I ain’t taking no photo Hell nah I ain’t stoppin for the po po Fuck with Lil Rob you get smoked
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