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Ador Dorath – Limits

Ador Dorath
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исполнитель Ador Dorath

длительность 03:48

размер 8.72 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено ladygaga1997

Where are the limits of selfishness I hope that the man is not only a perverted matter Is not only a beast That grabs everything he wants Instinctively, without thinking I hope that we are not loosing The faith to each other Obsessed with ourselves Living without sympathy, drifted apart We are making cages Live passes as the clouds on the sky It is up to you choose the way The clouds that grow big will fly away, disappear Once they will part another time they join But unlike them the man has a choice To be the one that get at the expense of the rest? Where is the equality before conscience Why the man acts in the way He does not want The others to act For the love to himself? For his comfort? For own pleasure Without remorse To satisfy the ambitions to kill humanity I stretch out my hands and cry out As I rise for the seventh time From the dust When friend knocked me down
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