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Journey – Never Walk Away

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исполнитель Journey

жанр Хард рок

длительность 04:19

размер 5.96 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено BrandonLee1965

Never Walk Away
So young in love They could not wait Said their vows Just to run away Suddenly, they felt their lives had changed They believed their hearts Were strong Just to find They could not get along They did not care It slowly (falls or comes) undone Will she go or will she stay (will she stay) Fool herself one more day Do not give up Never walk away Love is a promise that he made In his heart it still remains Do not give up Never walk away Had to meet somewhere half way Heart to heart Face to face Compromise the price they had to pay Cared enough to stand on ground Screamed and shouted 'til the walls came down Won the fight Still a brand new day Never walk away Oh, oh (never walk away) Never walk away
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