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B. Reith – Mess

B. Reith
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исполнитель B. Reith

длительность 03:49

размер 4.44 MB

битрейт 160 kbps

загружено jen_0

Somebody get me out this mess I'm in See I've been tryin' to do the best I can But I keep on stumblin' over and over again I ain't got no more excuses for ya All that I can say is sorry Won't you please come rescue me as quickly as you can It's crazy how far we go Just to put a little gas in our ego That's what happens when your self esteem is low We'll do anything to get people to notice us I know It's tough but hey, imagine us throwin' our lives away Because we're listenin' to the voice inside that chants Says we'll never be significant if we can't Fit in so we get into all kinds of trouble tryin' to be somebody we're not Since in the beginning we've been givin' into the lie that says that we got To keep up with the Jones's or get left behind So we end up in debt tryin' to catch up it's messed up 'Cause ten years from now we can't press rewind I want to invest in what stands the test of time Chorus I'm so sick and tired of being down and out Tryin' to do what's right but wrong keeps comin out I keep on tryin to write but songs ain't comin out Plus now I'm getting older and time is runnin out I know, Growth's a process but I can't see my progress And I'm startin' to feel that my labor's in vain So I hold on to the promise instead of my problems Otherwise this stress is gonna drive me insane Yes there's more to life than workin' 9 to 5 Buyin' things that make you feel fuzzy inside I tried it and it worked at first for five minutes But left me in the cold to hang like icicles oh! Now I'm froze like a popsicle Feel's like my mission's impossible I'm stuck up in a maze full of obstacles Keep on ending where I'm not supposed to go Chorus I just want to be okay with who I am, not have to run away I'm so tired of trends I can't keep pretending Playing these foolish games Chorus
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