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Snowgoons – Get Down

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исполнитель Snowgoons

длительность 03:56

размер 6.42 MB

битрейт 228 kbps

загружено VeinVice

Get Down
Summertime, ninety-nine point something degrees There go the fifth nigga down getting knocked by the D's Me and my brother can't even feed the family proper While the mayor stuffing his face with steak and lobster But I got a plot to overthrow the government roster Been casing out the armored trucks at 150 federal Ready to pop off, it feel good like it's sexual Slugs beside the muscle, tear flesh caressing you Two brothers against all odds, time to suit up We ride or die together, that's just the way we grew up And just when he gave me a pound the truck pulled up Let's get this money, we laid low and double toasted Everything around us was moving in slow motion Heart racing, I'm sweating like I'm bent off the potion One guard peeped the ambush then radioed for backup His partner jumped out with the Glock and got clapped up Too long, kicked the rear door out and started dumping We both ducked for cover, just hiding behind something Rapid fire, my brother got caught in the torso Thinking will we make it alive, only the Lord know He on the ground leaking and bleeding, he ain't breathing Grab the bag of Benjamins while Jake in the distance My brother still alive through this fucked up predicament Pulled him in the car told him it would be fine Peeled off with about eight Jakes right behind A tear rolled from his eye, he looked at me and asked why Blood pouring out the side of his mouth, he went calmly That moment I knew he had went to join mommy Pure emotion and adrenaline with death wishes Let's get it on you cock sucking son of a bitches Tires are shot, but still doing 90 on the rims nigga Got out and threw the bag to shad?, this for the kids nigga Blue uniforms everywhere, ghetto bird hovering All we ever wanted was to stop all this suffering They cleared the whole block, with K-9's and SWAT Checked the clip in the Ruger and only had one shot Sucking up tears of snot, reflecting back on the childhood Victim of abuse and drug wars through a wild hood My fam can't live where I live, my fam need me Don't need them to see my memorial in graffiti Stepped out hearing guns cocking, my fam watching Let the grip go, but before I could drop it Forty-one shots hit, the shells drip from the stoop We salute, the fallen soldiers that went out for the loot
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