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Dave East feat. Snoop Dogg – The Marathon Continues (Nipsey Tribute) (Bonus Track)

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исполнитель Dave East feat. Snoop Dogg

правообладатель Def Jam Recordings

жанр Рэп

длительность 03:45

размер 8.60 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

The Marathon Continues (Nipsey Tribute) (Bonus Track)
That's why I called my thing The Marathon Because I, I'm not gon' lie and portray, um, this ultimate poise Like I been had it figured out Nah, I just didn't quit That's the only distinguishing quality From me and probably whoever else is goin' through this Or went through this, or is gonna go through this Is that I ain't quit I went through every emotion I went through every emotion with tryna pursue what I'm doing You know what I mean? And I think that what, what's gon' separate whoever's gon' try to go for something is that you ain't gon' quit That's, you know, you really gon' take the stance of I'm gon' die behind what I'm gettin' at right now You are now listening to AraabMUZIK Your voice keep playin' in my head Don't wanna believe you dead, no way that no nigga killed you I know that's not what I read, God damn, Nip We was both rollin', but you was really my man, Nip You made me proud to tell the whole world I'm a damn Crip This marathon gon' continue, nigga, I can't quit This marathon gon' continue, nigga, I can't quit This marathon gon' continue, nigga, I can't quit I can still hear you screamin' neighborhood Dirt Gang when you would see me, why they hate on cuz? I just sent you a song, was waitin' on your verse We was doin' a tape together, they ain't know your worth Nobody told me after Freaky died it's gon' get worse They ain't understand your vision You spoke for them nights I was hungry, we shakin' prison But they just hate you did it I asked you how to start a clothing line, you had me out on Slauson Blue Laces was my shit, the blueprint to bein' bosses You created that Remember when you played that beat for Clarity? You gave out so much free game that shit was charity You was at my birthday, my mama asked me about you She used to ask what my shirt say, "Ma, this is Crenshaw" I'm supportin' my brother, reminding me of myself Motivated me from the gutter, invited me to your videos I was smokin' Marathon OG with you Every time I touched down in LA I wanted to meet with you Me and Reg smokin' flight right in the parkin' lot Fatts had me in the store puttin' me a pack together I'ma listen to your raps forever On the real, fuck how they feel, Victory Lap was better South Central ain't never gon' feel the same You got me scared cuz, it ain't too many of us left "Go get that bread cuz", that's what you said before you left We used to joke how we ain't nothin' like these rap niggas Told me stay dangerous don't let 'em see you react nigga I called your phone cryin' laughin' when you slapped that nigga You just told me, "Congrats, East, I head you actin', nigga" They killin' kings I no longer wanna chat with niggas If I could ask God for something just give me back my niggas If I could ask God for something just give me back my niggas Neighborhood Damn, Nip It's amazing, homie Since you've been gone, you wouldn't believe all the shit that's going on I drove through your neighborhood the other day And I seen some Eight Tray Gangstas, some Hoovers, some Bounty Hunters I seen brothers from everywhere, man Showin' love, all in your memory Man, your legacy will live on Your legacy will live on, nephew The Marathon Continues Nipsey Hussle the leader, the father, the brother, the teacher, the king, the God Live on Neighborhood Live on, live on If I could ask God for something just give me back my niggas Survival
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