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The House Of Love – Mr.Jo

The House Of Love
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исполнитель The House Of Love

длительность 03:55

размер 9.00 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Тера

Hey little girl, why do you come to me? I don't want to see you suffer I don't wanna watch you decay Hey little girl, what did your teachers say? It's gonna be a hot old summer Gonna sting, gonna be a bummer Maybe we should do a runner, oh love Hey little boy, why do you talk that way? It's so evil when you hate that way You heard nothing, you can't talk that way Hey little boy, what did your teachers stick on you? It's gonna be a cold winter I hope it hurts, I hope it stays you Here we are in the mins... oh love, oh love Hey little girl, why do you look that way? He's a walrus and his head is grey You've got to be positive today Hey little girl, forget what your teachers say Understood that it's got a tangle You're not a storm, you're not a bangle You look so good from any angle, oh love Such a stupid world Bye, bye Bye, bye You shit on them
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