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A Change Of Pace – Known One Knowns

A Change Of Pace
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исполнитель A Change Of Pace

длительность 03:23

размер 5.52 MB

битрейт 226 kbps

загружено PiFFkA

Known One Knowns
Cut me open let me bleed for what I've done Tell me straight faced that I'm the only one Destroy me, Am I not everything you need? Don't move and don't breathe As I take every breath from you Know one knows what I've done And as I wait, I'm dying (For you) Torn up, take me out of this picture frame Breathe slow, Don't move as I say goodbye Replace you, Cross my heart I hope you die Ripped in pieces, you're my perfect tragedy Cut me, Breathe slow Break me, Tell me as I die for you...
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