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Maria Muldaur – At The Codfish Ball

Maria Muldaur
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исполнитель Maria Muldaur

правообладатель Universal Music Group Music For Little People

длительность 03:46

размер 8.64 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

At The Codfish Ball
Next Friday night your all invited To dance from 8 to 5 All the fishes still alive Are having a ball Its some affair they’ll all be there From the Herring to the Whale They’ll turn out to shake a scale In Neptune’s Hall Come along and follow me To the bottom of the sea We’ll join in the Jamboree At the Codfish ball Lobsters dancing in a row Shuffle off to Buffalo Jelly fish sway to and fro At the Codfish ball Finn-an-haddie leads the eel Thought an Irish reel The Catfish is a dancing man But he can’t can-can like a sardine can Tunas trucking left and right Minnies mooching what a night There won’t be a hook in site At the Codfish ball
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