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Mechanical Poet – Rain

Mechanical Poet
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исполнитель Mechanical Poet

длительность 04:33

размер 4.17 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено id62410121

You've done so much. So sick and tired. But nothing happened. You feel your time has passed in vain. It seems you've lost your star and broken all your weapons. You close your eyes to see the last dream... And then you see the rain and know you can. You raise you head and make a step again. And then you see the rain. It's not the end. You raise you head and make a step again. Ten steps and more. The inner war between your hope and weakness. A lightning's pulsing in your brain. Now you have found yourself and sun became your witness. You keep that vision in your mind. Stay with me, stay with me forever. Burn with me. Burn in me...
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