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Ayah Marar/Dj AgeLiAdA – Mind Controller (Cutline Remix)

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исполнитель Ayah Marar/Dj AgeLiAdA

правообладатель DJ AgeLiAdA,Sony Music Entertainment Ministry of Sound Recordings

длительность 00:30

размер 3.68 MB

битрейт 127 kbps

загружено DJ AgeLiAdA

Mind Controller (Cutline Remix)
There was something in the air when you caught my eye There was something in the way that you never smiled Kinda serious, I feel it and wonder why Cause I know that you’re not shy I’m so sorry, I’ve heard all the stories, I know what they’ve told me Can’t help it and I can’t fight Now if only, I let you control me, let you get to know me Seems like I don’t have a choice You’re just a mind controller Think that you’re running the show You’re just a mind controller Try it but I already know You want a piece of me, but I’ve seen your kind before Heard the things you like to do when behind closed doors I’m not saying that I’m out, I’m not saying no Now you’re giving me a taste of your mind control Gonna let you in my mind Can’t fail to unless you try You can take the lead, you can control me on the things I can’t decide Come on in but please be kind You can do what others tried, cause I got nothing to hide
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