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Carach Angren – Ethereal Veiled Existence

Carach Angren
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исполнитель Carach Angren

длительность 05:20

размер 12.21 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено id54371748

Ethereal Veiled Existence
Ethereal Veiled Existence A few years later an author of sea-novels, entered Raynhams dominion. Captain Murryat chose to spend his night In the room where the poltergeist most frequently arrived There hung a portrait, a sketch drawn of a lady It was the face of something dark still wandering this place Is it for real… I must reveal if these grim hauntings are the result of thieves and local smugglers On this dreary night he went to sleep, guided be two friends and candlelight All at once they froze!!! Suddenly they confronted the cursed lady She came forth like freezing winds from north No ghastly dream… The brown countess existed for real The armed captain pointed his gun and looses of a shot!!! The bullet passed straight through the fearsome shade Became lodged in the wall. This thing was not meant to fall No single cry, no wounds no blood… It should have died This unreal form dwells outside heavenly light Carrying a lantern Gliding past the walls where her soul became enthralled Fear replaced… skepticism At last the shade turned and grimned in a diabolical way Right before… she vanished
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