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Thy Art Is Murder – Engineering The Antichrist

Thy Art Is Murder
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исполнитель Thy Art Is Murder

длительность 03:32

размер 8.11 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено the_King

Engineering The Antichrist
Darkened clouds approach the grounds Where the innocent victims Await the outcome that could never be foreseen They come from beneath earth, they come to block out the sun There will be no redemption, their blood spilled for Satan A trail of corpses lay behind them Stench of rotting flesh, they slay all women/children Leaving them without their heads I share the same addiction to the beast That I can taste, cannibals they’ve become Infect the population with a plague that Will last for a thousand years Apocalyptic massacre piles of burning bodies Lie at the side of the streets As your bowels give way your final breath Will beg for forgiveness I see the end is near the streets awash with blood They’re all dead in the end, no one to be spared, evil And faith will be your weakness Slit their throats, drain their blood Nothings left, Look what I’ve done The gates have opened, my reigns begun This is my church, my kingdom
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