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Master P feat. Rick Ross, TPain & Bay Bay – HNIC

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исполнитель Master P feat. Rick Ross, TPain & Bay Bay

длительность 03:19

размер 7.59 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Kenig68

See I’m that head nigga in charge Leave you dead in your garage Y’all niggas scared, you seein’ dreads and camouflage Don’t get me fucked up, all these niggas call me sarge It’ll be like wham, bam, thank you ma’am I’m that head nigga in charge I get paper, I got goons, I got hoes I ain’t hatin, you get money I’m that head nigga in charge You ain’t bout it what you fuckin’ with me for It’ll be like wham, bam, thank you ma’am I’m that head nigga in charge I just won me a kilo My niggas speakin’ in Creole They call me the chef You know I fry like grill Started learnin the ropes Sweatsuits and the Locs Homie taught me to whip So he made us a toast They speak my name like a myth Went and got me a Ghost Picked him up in the suite They gave my nigga the most They be hard on real niggas Gotta stay on my toes They be watchin’ my twitter Gotta watch what I post Cowards all by the killers Wrong one to approach What you spent on your video That went on the coat Spend a million with Jacob Another several with Johnny I mean look at my Bezel We got it lookin’ Versace Cookin’ yams in the morning Tell the streets that we back See I fuck with you pussies But I don’t fuck with you rats Thirteen when I cop it 26 when I drop it Nigga call me James Harden Like I played with the Rockets 36 O-Z’s Watch I whip it to fifty Don’t talk on the android Cause the feds be listenin’ I got million dollar connects In my minute I touch Have tons of that raw False bottom in the trucks Brought that brand new blues And I’m balled up nigga I’m that country boy Sellin’ fiends walnuts And supermodels be mysidepiece I made more money than your favorite rapper Bitch when I was on the streets No Limit Uh Huh Check it out killer I’ll show you how to get money, get paper I’m like instant grits, just add water
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