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The Virgins – Blue Rose Tattoo

The Virgins
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исполнитель The Virgins

длительность 05:35

размер 12.79 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Тера

Blue Rose Tattoo
With your voice so fragile And your smile so skewed Like the sky when its trying not to rain No i don’t imagine that you wish came true With a kiss from a prince that you saved When the dead bones chime in on your early morning landing Will you see the the worlds expanding Oh but baby, don’t you cry I can see you like you’re standing back in 2002 With your makeup on your face And the devil in your eyes Are you still the one I knew With the blue rose tattoo In your rehab garden Where the nurses all chase after you Ain’t it easy to see night from day At your own house parties With the drugs you used to do When you came like the friends that you made When your frayed lips stutter And your stomach lining’s crawling Will you stutter towards cushion Oh but baby, its alright I can see you like you’re frozen back in 2002 At the pay phone by your place I’ve been waiting with the smile Cause ill always think of you With your blue rose tattoo
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