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The Heligoats – Sulfur, Baby

The Heligoats
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исполнитель The Heligoats

длительность 03:39

размер 4.90 MB

битрейт 187 kbps

загружено Тера

Sulfur, Baby
Sulfur, baby Nothing lasts lately Glass casing This aching seems to be telling me something That sulfur is coming in the form of a storm from above Like a dead-locked, dry heat Like pinching fingers in the dust on a moth’s wing Sulfur is going to save me Going to be the cure for the pain For the hunger and consumption It’s going to ease our minds with overabundance of sulfur It’s going to change me They dug down til they found the layers where shit got crazy They could tell by the way we were laying there In the sulfur, all hazy, all yellowed and tightly embracing Wasted in basements Amazing how they became graves And buildings and big boats all melted in the sulfur long ago And money and stained floors don’t matter to us anymore Since the sulfur emptied I kept hoping I’d awoke and just dreamt it Should have kept it silent so the panic didn’t add to the dying Faster and faster, just the way that the sulfur would have it All of us scattered in the aftermath We discovered at the end nothing mattered Nothing No wonder it was so easy to just melt in the sulfur Baby, maybe we should have gave more thought to escaping
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