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Deluxe – Daniel (feat. Youthstar)

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исполнитель Deluxe

длительность 03:21

размер 7.69 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Тера

Daniel (feat. Youthstar)
Feat. YouthStar Caught the latest gossip The morning after cream Yes each and every loony 's got a funky tale to ice scream What would you know NOW? Its been a show NOW Our dearest birthday boy overpowered by his dream team The facts are recalled to me In the midst of the party party I've acted mighty naughty With my bestmate's pretty lady Bemused attempt to disagree : Isn't it a bit low You dramatic bozzos How could this have slipped out of my brain Cuz they've expected loads from me I swear i tried my best but see You can't change change a leopard spots There's no way to change NOW my rotten heart Fuck this I'll never change my ways I'm too dam stubborn with a big ego Yeah call me a prick that's fine I'm still gonna be here coz the music pays Everyday get a little bit more, when I'm on tour never have a boring moment From the train to the plane, land, picked up by the runner then gotta get a beer at my hotel Alls well, so off to the venue with a big crowd waiting loud as hell Up on the stage and the front row swells Then their grabbing up the barrier like locked in jail I live for these moments of madness And love every second standard Its a way of life and we're living it Running round like Jesse J and the bandits It's mandatory that we roll to glory There's not a dam soul that can stop me Play me love me drop me hate me we dont care this is Deluxe baby
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