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Defari – Just Business

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исполнитель Defari

жанр Рэп

длительность 04:58

размер 5.63 MB

битрейт 158 kbps

загружено verochka_pozdnyakova_popova

Just Business
What you think about the def dumb and blind in the 9−6? (Word brothers is blind to the fact son.) Can’t see Can’t hear, can’t think. A-yo El let me lace this 5 hours a night sleep is what I get No time to sleep I gotta make moves kid So I hustle after work during work or on the road A man can’t achive if he don’t have goals And that’s real that’s word to mi abuala I tell ya when I was young she said «Son no time for failures» So now I keep pressing give thanks for all my blessings I’m my own worst critic cause it’s important to keep testing My skills for future development I progress never regress Never let stress get the best of me This shit ain’t easy being a MC I don’t wrap no gifts I represent the hip hop industry I come to evaluateyour mind with the heavy weight Rhymes support the black and fight these devils with the sublimes Conscious righteousness theres no way you can fight this Rhythm your moving your head because you like this Now can I get a witness? Societys choas no time to floss Just business Hook: Caught up in the choas no time to floss just business business «Definatly handle it» (x4) Wheather your a corporate exec or drive an 18 wheeler People in the 90's attitude is gettin' iller I feel the sign of times is no shorts mad heads are hungary And if you floss you’ll get caught Out there you’re scarred apon that ass like tupperwear Run all your goods be thankful you’re still alive Brothers don’t jive on the street when it comes to me Near a stop light look to your window run your Benz You say «What else can happen to me it’s a bad day black?» Walk into your house and enter a hijack Skimask in your face run the combination to your safe quickly Feel the nine poke your kidney Your in the Twilight Zone of come up Where shadey people run up and tell you «Shut the fuck up» They lock yp on the count that you luck out They snatch your gems plus you lost your Benz And your chrome rims You was floss now you just lost in the cycle You become your own worst enemy your suicidal Hook I knew this girl named Shiela, she was a part time yo deala She rocked mad equiped Adida sometimes Fila Sometimes Dona Kerrin' She always made sure that I knew what she was wearin' Shiela had a problem but simply didn’t know That the fact of the matter was she was too conversational She gossiped too much talked about this and that Even told strangers the source of her cash stacks So one day Shiela met this kid named Jay Said he needed two keys by the end of the day So she arranged it for this strange kid Hooked him up with the source sappose The baddest statue of being the boss,? Shiela and Jay sit down Commence to get down to buz while the one time surrounds Boss puts the yay up on the bar Shiela sees Jay green bag starts thinkin' she’s a superstar One time kicks the door in Shiela starts runnin' frantic, lead fills her back kid Now you tell me what was Shiela thinking Caught up in this choas with her eyes blinkin' Hook (x10)
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