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Embrace – Give Me Back

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исполнитель Embrace

длительность 02:30

размер 5.73 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Give Me Back
Twelve o'clock And I'm still not dressed I'm trying to bleed onto paper But time is not impressed What can I do? Trying to pull out my feelings But they're deep beneath the day Time, time, time, time, time Has hidden them away What can I do? I want my jealousy But he's fast asleep I cry for my sadness But he's too tired to weep I confront my antagonism But he only agrees I wish for my vision But he's not telling me What he sees What can I do? Happy is too neutral And I know I'm not content I still don't want to go Where the others went What can I do? I'm pissed at my anger But he don't want to fight I turn to my conscience But he just thinks I'm right My insecurities They got nothing to hide My emotions are my enemies For being on my side What can I do? Give me back my feelings Won't you give them back to me Give them back
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