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Hagalaz' Runedance – Hel - Goddess of the Underworld

Hagalaz' Runedance
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исполнитель Hagalaz' Runedance

длительность 03:53

размер 8.89 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Hel - Goddess of the Underworld
Cold, this misty night A black moon’s preparing my mind Out here, I seek her shrine I welcome the queen of the lowest world Into the ice hall Where mirrors reflect my soul She’s freezing my tears Taking all fears Two sides to her face Her claws pierce or embrace Enter, with open eyes You’ll see her garden of delight To the within Beyond our memory Falling so deep Where unborn souls sleep Hail, to the queen of death Her shadow walks with you Remember her kind And understand life Invisible mate Waiting to seal our fate Watch my strife Hel, guard my life Cold, this misty night A black moon’s preparing my mind Beneath eternal fog I have seen clear
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