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Beady Belle – A Touch of Paradise

Beady Belle
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исполнитель Beady Belle

длительность 05:05

размер 11.65 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено lisichka2006

A Touch of Paradise
Just a smile on a face On a cloudy day Just a wind passing by With something nice to say Just a stroke on a cheek Drying someone’s eyes Could give an idea A touch of paradise Just a pat on the back On downhearted shoulders The warmth in a look When it’s getting colder Just the presence of life For the sparkle that dies Could give an idea A touch of paradise This isn’t true This isn’t true It couldn’t possibly be that easy But what if it is Just an amiable word To a losing heart And a soothing embrace When it falls apart Just a chance for a dream To be realized Could give an idea A touch of paradise
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