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G-Eazy – Acting Up (feat. Devon Baldwin)

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исполнитель G-Eazy

длительность 03:10

размер 7.26 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Acting Up (feat. Devon Baldwin)
I keep saying Imma' change, Imma' change I'm 22 now it's time to fucking act my age And I just keep telling her this is just a stage Where every other night we go party and we rage And umm.. I be fucking up I know I'm so immature, I just hope she doesn't know You really got something I don't want to go and lose But then she cut me off like when you blow a fuse And she said to me See I fucked around and always cut it close Sex is like a drug, I always need another dose I swear I got a problem they can't even diagnose And I always seem to stumble every time I try to coast Saying adios to the groupies Hello again to you I swear you got something only shown in a few And much, much better is what I'm goin' to do And not sweat someone so miniscule Have you ever loved somebody That didn't love you back enough? Brings on a bunch of extra baggage like you packing stuff I apologize cuz' I know you really had it rough It's my word, Imma' stop acting up
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