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Don Byas – Candy

Don Byas
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исполнитель Don Byas

правообладатель Savoy

длительность 03:16

размер 7.50 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Now my candy, is so fresh so clean I break them boys off when I pull up on the scene In my candy, with ten coats sprayed tight And that Northside royal blue is settin off the white On my candy, sho' ain’t the average paint You go to Ike tryin to buy it he gon’t tell ya ya cain’t Have my candy, it’s like a one-of-a-kind And you might have a painted slab but it ain’t pretty as mine Cause my candy, worth mo' than money can buy Brought it to Funkmaster Flex and seen a grown man cry For my candy, sittin on nuttin but glass Stoppin traffic on the freeway, when I fly past In my candy, got no competition on the street You can win a Dub car show and still can’t compete With my candy, cause it’s the sweetest on the block And I’m trill, workin the wheel, that’s why they all jockin My candy~! Candy, painted, drop top, El Do', riiiide Now my candy, is sittin tall on them Vogues It’s like an alarm clock, wakin up all the hoes My candy, is wetter than high tide And it’s lookin like I just had a blizzard inside Of my candy, got mo' wood in it than a forest One look’ll get you hooked like a motherfuckin chorus My candy, drips an unerasable stain It’s real magic, not like that motherfucker David Blaine My candy, it got the woman on the front And a Ph. D in showin niggas how to stunt My candy, it got the fifth up on the back And it’ll swang through your hood like it don’t know how to act My candy, the 8th wonder of the world Like floatin downstream when you’re starin at the swirls My candy, ridin real trill, stayin true And it’s a legend in H-Town like DJ Screw My candy Just like candy, it’s so sweet Fadin niggas, on these streets People watch as I ride by In my candy, I’m gon' shine Now my candy, is so smooth, so laid And these boys can’t comprehend how the paint got sprayed My candy, makin people stop drop and stare Pull out any car you want to but it won’t compare To my candy, it’s like a fo' wheel mirage That’s too pretty to park, in a motherfuckin garage My candy, it’s like a part of the fam' So lose my friends or my ends I wouldn’t give a damn But my candy, is an extension of me So when you lookin at my car you lookin at Bun B It’s my candy, player, throwed, fly And you can’t fuck with it no matter how hard you try My candy, the other level of the game If you ask me again, bitch I’mma tell you the same It’s my candy, yeah nigga mines not yearns Long as I got syrup to sip, and Swishers to burn In my candy
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