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Webbie – Bad Bitch (Remix) (feat. Trina)

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исполнитель Webbie

длительность 03:27

размер 7.92 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Bad Bitch (Remix) (feat. Trina)
Come on... I need a bad bitch Come on... if you a bad bitch Yeah I want a bad bitch The girl be, cookin and cleanin and cleanin and cookin She be, constantly douchin and cleanin her pussy And when she, step on the scene e'rybody be lookin And to, get in them jeans everybody be wishin But she, only want players who far from rookie And if you, ain't got the cake you can't play with the nookie Her titties, sittin pretty and she soft as a cushion If you, try to holla she might holla she tooken And she walk like a bad bitch, talk like a bad bitch And goin get her hair and shit fixed is a habit And a bad bitch go and buy fits mo' than average And bad bitches get to take trips wite "The Savage" Can never tell a bad bitch a freak, she too classy But shit, I can tell from her lips that's she nasty Expensive-ass pants is, gripped to them asses She mean as a pitbull and sweet like candy Now that's a bad bitch (a bad bitch) {*repeat 4X*} Girl you a bad bitch (a bad bitch) {*repeat 4X*} Uhh, you want a bad bitch? Trina's the baddest And I'm thick and fine from the cornbread and the cabbage, a savage I would give you my number so you can have this But I don't need the stalkin, prank calls or the madness My ass like WHOA, my goodies incred-ible I'm in this cheerleader skirt, and these legs flexible You flippin and pushin and pushin to flip it You can have an old lady, if I want you I ain't trippin I got, my own money own cars own house I can cook a meal same time and turn a nigga out I'm the, example of what you want up on your team But these Dior bags and my time gon' cost cream, uhh Now I ain't gotta meet your momma, gimme dollars Gimme Gucci, gimme Chanel, pearls and gimme Prada, uhh A hood chick, I got yo' man, what a tragedy He give me his paper to his plastic, I'm a bad bitch Now make yourself seen, cause you a bad bitch (a bad bitch) Girl you a bad bitch (a bad bitch), yeah you a bad bitch (a bad bitch) Now show yo' ass off, cause you a bad bitch (a bad bitch) Girl you a bad bitch (a bad bitch), yeah you a bad bitch (a bad bitch) Man I love them bad bitches with them sexy-ass tattoos Them bad bitches with them bad bitches attitudes She a damn fool, gotta crib she'll let me camp Make sho' her niggas stay filled with them food stamps I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, do you know what that mean mayne Own damn house flossed out big screen mayne I'll bring the whole hundred shit what'chu gon' do for me mayne Look at her own income, she a beast mayne Bad bitches handle bid'ness first, then streets mayne She ain't cryin over no nigga, she ain't weak mayne The kind of bitch that put a real nigga on his feet mayne Come here... fo' sho' Trill Entertament nigga I'm Webbie nigga My name ain't We-Be you heard me? Get it right, Mouse on the track
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