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Fun Fun – Happy Station

Fun Fun
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исполнитель Fun Fun

длительность 05:52

размер 13.43 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Happy Station
Station, happy station Very special people you can meet at the station Station, happy station (oh, happy station) Glad and smiling faces come from different places My suitcase and me we’ll take a trip It’s a magic journey, I feel like burning Lucky guy, follow me, you’ll be alright I’m crazy, don’t you know I’ll never let you go Would you like to do it? Well, it’s not, not too late Tell me what you like It could be so fine Come into my train, I can get you higher You’re the best, best, honey The best, best lover tonight Station, happy station? Come with me and take the train I don’t want to stop here, wanna go there (Go where?) Where I’d like to see one million places (What kind of places?) Midnight is coming, follow me Station, happy station? Come with me and take the train… Josep Monedero
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